Hanukkah Recipes

We asked our friends and family to share their special Hanukkah recipes with us.
Below you'll find quite a collection.
We love the family history of the older recipes and the twists and variety of the new ones!

"This is a rolled cookie recipe from Great-grandma Brina (Rebecca) Resnick Kaplan to her daughter Mary Kaplan Rogosin to her daughter Phoebe Rogosin Resnick to her children Rosalind, Bruce and David Resnick and their children. Have fun making! Have fun baking! -- Best of all, enjoy the tasting! (It's tradition!) Love, Mom aka Gramma Phoebe"

"YUM! RECIPES....from Gramma Phoebe (Rogosin Resnick), as passed on from Gramma Mary (Kaplan Rogosin) requested by several other bakers who attended Baby Luke's Bris on the evening of May 6, 1997 in Los Angeles, CA and enjoyed the treats. As you can see, these take longer to bake than to eat...which is why they are usually reserved for special occasions! However, as you all seem to agree, they are worth the effort! And the baking smell is divine! ENJOY! ENJOY!.....and bake a lot in honor of all the babies!!!! Love, Mom aka Gramma Phoebe"

We were thrilled when Judy Zeidler offered one of her Latke recipes for our page. Judy is well known in the LA restaurant scene and is the author of a wonderful cookbook titled The Gourmet Jewish Cook. Much of the book is focused on recipes for holiday meals and is a great starting place for planning your Hanukkah dinners!

Cathy Rogers is the editor of the fabulous cookbook Malibu's Cooking Again -- a collection of recipes from some of the top restaurants in LA. We met her while she was teaching a Jewish cooking class. We thank her for her contribution of Hanukkah Jelly Donuts!

Joan Nathan is the author of a must-have cookbook for kids titled The Children's Jewish Holiday Kitchen. The book is filled with kid friendly recipes for many Jewish holidays, with roles for kids and adults explained in each recipe. She is also the author of the cookbook Jewish Cooking in America. When she was kind enough to offer us a recipe for this page we selected a fun way for kids to make their own menorah!

Our friend, Lynn Kaufman, is not Jewish but after marrying into a Jewish family researched the culture with such vim and vigor that she is often the first one we go to answer questions on all things Jewish. She's also a fantastic cook so we immediately thought of her when starting our recipe collection.
Sweet Sweet Potato Latke (Pareve)
Gingered Sweet Potato Latke (Pareve)
Curried Sweet Potato Latke (Pareve or Dairy)
Green Latkes (Pareve)
Colorful Veggie Latkes (Pareve)
Cheese Latkes (Dairy)
Apple Pear Sauce (Pareve)
Apple Cranberry Sauce (Pareve)
Potato, Leek and Onion Latkes (Pareve)
Sweet Potato Latkes (Pareve)
Grandma’s Potato Latkes (Pareve)